• Objects For Behaviors / Imperceptible Spaces / Emotional Moments

    My work is exploring ‘Objects For Behaviors’. I use photography, video, object arrangement to explore the contradictory and poetic moments in the daily life.

    Objects are used as a very implicit and poetic language. It appears in many Asian poems. Natsume Soseki translated “I LOVE YOU” into “the MOONLIGHT tonight is so beautiful”. In ancient Chinese poems, different objects represent various emotions: lovesickness, regret, sad, anxiety…… Objects also appear in western culture as a implicit language, such as a RING wearing on the ring finger, which means he / she is married.

    I see everything in the world as objects, including humans. What I am interested in is the relationship between objects and humans and spaces. A single object has no emotions, only when the object is connected to the other object, or connected to the space, can emotions and actions be generated, and the emotional moments I am looking for will happen. I call this kind of states ‘Objects For Behaviors’.

    I place the objects in those imperceptible spaces to capture and create those moments that people ‘can enter but cannot enter’, the mood of ‘want to tell you but can't tell you’, the voice of ’can be heard but not heard’...


    在亚洲文学里,物件作为一种非常诗意且含蓄的语言,我们称之为意象。作家常常用意象来表达自己的情感。日本文学家夏目漱石曾经用“今晚的月色真美”来翻译“I LOVE YOU”。而中国古诗词中常常有睹物思人、以物传情、托物言志……等等。同样,在西方文化里也有关于物件作为含蓄语言这种表达方式,比如,带在无名指上的戒指就是一种含蓄表达已婚的这种状态。